A Quick Introduction....


This Website is a means to showcase my artwork & designs. I work in many mediums from Pen & ink to Photoshop. Feel free to contact me as I enjoy working on new projects.

Hope you enjoy my work.

Lee 😀



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Please help support Grizzly Grayola (www.grizzlygrayola.com) A means for new and established recording artists  to get there talent out there... taking you outta Palookaville And into a world of opportunities - We All Shine On!!!

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The Front Cover to Enuff Z-Nuff's album "Clowns Lounge".                                                                                                       Thanks guys for the opportunity to help Get my artwork out there!!

And the inside / back cover to Enuff Z-Nuff's "Clowns Lounge".

Donnie Vie's Message

Great respect for Donnie... Awesome

Worldwide release of Enuff 'Nuff album - Clowns Lounge